Pixan has been established on a business model, built on the learning of our founders and collaborators, enriched with the participation of our partners. This has allowed us to produce premium textiles thanks to the invaluable services that give life to our work pillars. 

1. Training enriched through the AMA Methodology

A hard road of more than 6 years of training has accompanied our members, administrative team and those involved in the project, feeding on basic techniques of weaving, color combination, natural dyeing, costing processes, production chains, among others. In each of these is vital the presence of our organizational methodology based on the behavioral health of each of the people involved, which differentiates us from industrial models of handicraft that in the end do not truly seek the benefit of those who produce it.

2. Feedback and control: with no exploitation or harassment

We believe that premium products require structured processes that allow constant monitoring of their quality. Thus, we implement feedback processes that allow our members and partners an active participation, as well as a guide and follow-up to highlight the quality of their tissues. Likewise, we maintain follow-up and advice to our commercial partners in order to exchange knowledge that allows them to design optimally, to take care of the social commitment of the products they acquire. Thus, we can implement processes from the communities that ensure non-exploitation or harassment and also guarantee the economic compensation established by our members.


Meet Paola Tzep

Specialist in Mayan textiles and fabrics during the feedback session to our members.


3. Textile mediation and appropriate Follow-up

The mathematical adaptation and appropriate mediation that can be made of a fabric, is a vital task to be able to truly give life to the design idea of our partners. This is a task that requires experience in and deep knowledge of the Mayan textile industry, a process worthy of admiration that happens only in the heads of our specialists, thanks to its truly communal context. This allows our artisan partners, in their language, to know the characteristics and guides necessary to start your textiles; as well as solving doubts and anticipating challenges. Without this mediation, our premium textiles would not be possible, since we achieve quality to the extent that our members are able to adapt the technique to the design ideas, in the way we can work with the designs and to the extent that we can give life to the ideas of our clients.

4. High Quality raw materials

Millenary techniques are worthy of high quality raw materials, to ensure their durability. This is how we use 100% cotton, resistant threads that maintain firm colors - without bleaching, that are up to the standards of our artist partners. We have calculated the durability of our textiles of 10 years.


Backstrap Loom Weaving Technique

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