Paola Tzep

Specialist in Textiles and Fabrics

Since her early years, Paola has been involved in the world of Mayan fabrics. Originally from Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan in Sololá, Guatemala, Paola has a unique talent for interpretation and adaptation of the different designs to the millennial art of weaving. A weaver by nature, Paola's life would change suddenly thanks to her mother's involvement in one of AMA's women's circles, more than six years ago. Starting as a social promoter of AMA, Paola has had the unparalleled fortune of sharing with our partners in different initiatives, providing with their creativity, experience and love a guide for them essentially when it comes to weaving or making a fabric. With an innovative spirit, Paola's energy is vital to carry out a design of one of our allies in a process worthy of admiration and so complex that it surpasses any electronic device. The best, in Paola's words: "everything happens only in my head and thus I help my partners to get ahead, to overcome their fears and to be recognized by the value of their textiles."



Nuevo Xetinamit


Xeabaj I

Xeabaj II

Valle de Palajunoj