What is Pixan?


House of Design Pixan is a unique, innovative and appropriate social business model that give us as indigenous women, access to opportunities in a globalized world. Through this model we do not migrate from our communities, preventing also our discrimination and harassment. Pixan is a program funded by the Inter-American Foundation and the Highland Support Project. 

Pixan is a word in Nahualt that means spirit.

So everything we do carries the spirit of a woman... Spirit of innovation... Spirit of fashion...

We are manufacturers of premium fabrics and embroidery, under an artistic and artisanal concept, which strengthens our Mayan culture, making use of the millenary weaving techniques. We are haute couture tailors who look for and support a true responsible fashion, but the most important thing is the women: enterprising women, business women, resilient women who have found their space in an industrialized and globalized world.

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