Our Story

In 1993 our founders Guadalupe Ramírez and Benjamín Blevins began to work together for a process of community organization and social development in favor of indigenous women who did not have a decent space to develop. The roots in the cooperative movement of our founders gave life to our first circles of women in the communities of Chontala El Quiché, which were formed mostly by female victims of the internal armed conflict that took place in Guatemala in the 1960s. Many of them were widows who had been adrift with their children; living with numerous limitations, in addition to constant sexual harassment and discrimination.

Subsequently, our efforts were extended to the area of Espumpuja in San Juan Ostuncalco de Quetzaltenango and Xeabaj II in Santa Catarina Ixtahuacan, communities we still serve today. 

The impact of our projects and the desire for self-improvement of our communities allowed us to base the legal structure to support our activities and community actions. Thus in 2005 we were legally recognized as the Association of Women of the Highlands (Asociación de Mujeres del Altiplano AMA).

From our origins, our objective has been to implement a process in favor of the transformation of the causes of poverty, causing in consequence the resilience of our women and communities. Our objective and experience has given life to our methodology of empowerment, which is still valid today.


Who are we?

We are an association of grassroots women with roots in the cooperative movement. We have consolidated ourselves into a federation of 15 indigenous communities that watch over the empowerment of each of our members, strengthening our entrepreneurial capacities, good administration, care for natural resources, community participation and participation, respect for values and Cultural, economic and social rights according to our cosmovision and Mayan system of government. Currently, we are organized by independent committees consisting of both women and men, forming our elected board of directors for each community.

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We are housewives, weavers, midwives, peasants, health workers and professionals who have joined forces to improve our communities.


We empower the most isolated and marginalized women in the highlands through community organization, education, resources and alliances to achieve a life with dignity and initiate sustainable development processes, with a dynamic of formation of small groups, through learning popular techniques.


To be recognized as an effective organization in the support of community project management and channeling funds for the sustainable development of communities in the Highlands of Guatemala.