We enforce Mayan medicine practices that are oriented in a preventative health way and carried out appropriately, that is, they adapt to our way of life and take advantage of the resources and knowledge of our communities, using our Mayan wisdom as reference.

Our practice is complemented with Western medicine for the involvement and agency of local actors that allows the reduction of impact and prevention of common diseases.


Clean Stoves Project

The Clean Stoves Project seeks to improve our health as women and that of our children, through the construction of wood-saving stoves, thanks to the support of international organizations and volunteers. 

Our stoves allow us to remove smoke from our homes, reduce the use of wood in our communities and improve family hygiene.


Strengthening Midwives Project

A midwife can be a vital ally in the prevention of maternal mortality, since she is the best companion during the pregnancy of an indigenous woman, mainly because she is part of the community, speaks the same language, possess the same context and above all be accessible.    

Thus, we support the training of midwives, since we know that they play a fundamental role in preventative medical health, attention to common illnesses in children, mental health, sexual education and health for all of the family. We organize the women that have the gift to be midwives, strengthening them in pre and post natal care, contraceptive health, complicated pregnancies, infection control, hemorrhages, pre-clampsia or high blood pressure. In addition, it is our purpose to support the midwife, reinforcing her traditional knowledge of Mayan medicine with Western techniques supporting the millennial survival of indigenous communities, with her philosophy of service to others.  


Education and Health Campaigns Project

We carry out health programs and workshops about hygiene and nutrition, informative workshops on the prevention of diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, as well as giving talks about water pollution assessment. 

"With the health food talks we have heard in the diabetes campaigns, I learned that these cheap bags and sodas from the store hurt us. Today I learned how to cook beet, I am very surprised that I can make tostadas with sauce, beet, onion and cheese. My children ate 4 tostadas each, there's enough for all the family." - Juana Méndez Romero, Comunidad Manantiales, San Juan Ostuncalco, Quetzaltenango.


Sanitation Project

Our desire is to contribute to the improvement of the environmental quality of our indigenous communities, to reduce pollution and protect the health through the introduction of drinking water and the installation of drains and treatment grounds for grey water and its local administration and maintenance. 


Environmental Project

We reinforce activities that help us to care for and conserve our environment, such as garbage collection and separation, reforestation in communal areas, and the installation of nurseries with power. 

 “Imagine in an instant with my eyes closed that the mountains were all brown, making me feel sad and depressed. We can think that all of the trash thrown in the mountains does not rot, does not die, it remains there for thousands of years and it hurts us a lot, burning is not the solution. I think that we have hands and we can be creative - for example, we learned how to make folders and cover our children's books with recycled materials." - Marina Méndez Vásquez, Comunidad de Chanchenel, San Juan Ostuncalco, Quetzaltenango.