Mayan Art Program (MAP) believes in the power of art to create new expectations about the way of life. It also believes in the capacity of art to promote cooperation, discipline, responsibility, creativity, and cultural exploration, awakening the awareness of healthy relationships between women and men, creating pride in our indigenous Mayan identity.  

Working through Mayan pedagogy, where abstract lessons and fixed projects are practiced that have the flexibility for teachers, children and parents to have the opportunity to express their thoughts, feelings and above all, speak and act according to a methodology of civic participation.

Mayan Education and Pedagogy

We support the implementation of new practices that complement the uses of popular pedagogical techniques, in order to promote creativity in education. This is how we work together with the professors to use the classroom practices, which encourage the use of art, facilitate critical thinking and the competencies of the 21st century.

Mayan Art Classes

We promote the passing on to new generations the cosmogonic sense of our Mayan culture and its true meaning through spaces for free expression and creativity in order to develop their skills and abilities.